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Re: Building Linux packages on NetBSD

1. Feasible.
2. Base your builds on some LTS release of a Linux well known distro. Glibc tends to do well enough with backward compatibility. The AppImage project uses this philosophy and it renders great results. Centos 7 tends to be a pretty safe baseline.

On 22 June 2020 10:10:28 PM NZST, Mayuresh <> wrote:
>If I want to utilize a NetBSD host to build pkgsrc packages for a Linux
>installation, what are my options?
>1. I can possibly use qemu + a light weight Linux distro to create the
>required setup. Is that something feasible? (It would be slow, but any
>other issues?)
>2. How to ensure the library compatibility for the base libraries. For
>example I might use some very light weight distro (possibly tiny core)
>compilation purpose, but my deployment host may be running a different
>distro. Is it possible that I copy the libraries from the target
>to a certain (non standard) location on my compilation host and have
>pkgsrc link against them (instead of the compilation host's libraries?)


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