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Re: cmake needs -ltinfo on Linux

On Fri, Jun 12, 2020 at 03:23:06PM +0000, adr wrote:
> Some linux distributions like the one I'm using here (gentoo),
> compile ncurses with some functions in another share object file,
> Is not a different software package, is ncurses itself.
> Cmake check for this lib, but it is not included, so my first
> impression was that pkgsrc wasn't making it visible to cmake's
> configure process.  But system libraries are supposed to be allways
> visible, so that can not be the case.
> Linux, cmake, ncurses... I need a tea.
> adr.

For now, PREFER_PKGSRC for ncurses will make your life easier.
I suspect this requires work in multiple places to fix.

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