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Re: Garbled output with Firefox 77

On 08/06/2020 10:17, David Brownlee wrote:

Slight clarification 9.0 doesn't - current versions of 9.0_STABLE do,
and 9.1 will.

The test treats 9.0_STABLE the same as 9.0. That could be adjusted at
the expense of triggering nasty crashes for 9.0 and older 9.0_STABLE
users, but will not help anyone on 8.x (I'm running a build with the
test modified now on up to date 9.0_STABLE to see if it does change
the behaviour)

Ah. I'd slightly misunderstood the outcome when multi-process browsing was discussed a while back then. I do have config overrides in place to re-enable multi-process browsing so I have it enabled even when its turned off in the package base config.

Looking back there is 1 person reporting failures on current 9.66.64 but I wonder if they have a profile created with those settings inherited from the package from earlier.


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