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Re: firefox60 and thunderbird60 EOL

On Thu, Jun 04, 2020 at 12:31:01PM +0000, nia wrote:
> Firefox 60's time has come. We're at the end of the release
> cycle for Firefox 68, its successor, which I've mostly been
> maintaining so far. A new extended support release will
> be branched soon. If firefox60 is kept we will then have 
> five different branches of Firefox in HEAD.
> Thunderbird 60 is no longer supported, and there will be no more
> extended support releases of Thunderbird.
> Thunderbird has moved to a new release model, there are now
> no more "extended support release" branches. Rather, the
> main branch now has extended support.
> Unless there's strong objections, I'll drop both firefox60
> and thunderbird60.
> Seamonkey is based on the Firefox 60 codebase, so I'll make
> it the primary holder of If you have an
> extremely weird web page that only renders in firefox60,
> seamonkey likely works.
> The last branches without a rust dependency will remian,
> Firefox 52 and Thunderbird 52, for reasons that have been
> discussed to death. :)

A few corrections :D

- The last firefox60 release was on 2019-09-03
  It has been unsupported for security updates since 2019-10-22
- The last firefox68 release will be on 2020-08-25
  It will be unsupported for security updates from 2020-09-22
- The first firefox78 release and new ESR branch will be on 2020-06-30

I thought the firefox68 support was ending sooner because
Mozilla have historically made .9 the last ESR version.

It's hard to actually find this information, so, for future

Anyway, in conclusion, firefox60 has been unsupported for
8 months by now.

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