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Re: WIP cleanup question (Re: Please, review: mailman update to 2.1.33)

On 2020-05-23 08:09, Jesus Cea wrote:
On 15/5/20 11:42, nia wrote:
On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 03:08:43AM +0200, Jesus Cea wrote:
I just committed to WIP an update to mailman from 2.1.29 to 2.1.33. This
is a security upgrade.

Commit "44da1a83e5628ea6ec4dfe0a4cd4092b62f6639d" to "".

I didn't refreshed the legacy patches, so they are applied with fuzzing.
That was already the case with current revision 2.1.29.

Please, review and update upstream pkgsrc repository is appropriate.
Committed and pullup requested, thanks.
I have a question. Please, forgive me if I should already know the
answer. I am a newbie in pkgsrc land.

After my WIP update was accepted into pkgsrc repository (thanks!), I
think that "mailman" directory in WIP should be deleted (it is not a
work in progress anymore). Am I right?. Who has the responsibility to do
it?. Mine? (I would be perfectly fine with that, indeed).

If you're going to work on future mailman updates in wip, you should probably leave it in there.

If it's removed and re-added later, someone might forget to restore it rather than do a fresh add, which will mean two separate mailman objects with separate histories in the repo.

Note that when adding a new package to wip, you should always run "git log | grep package-name" to see if it existed before.  If so, it can be restored via "git checkout" rather than adding a new object with "git add".


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