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(x11/antiright) Re: Heads-up: SUBST blocks are stricter now

I may be looking bad way, but for
(x11/antiright) have lines in Makefile

    29  SUBST_CLASSES+=         hpath
    30  SUBST_STAGE.hpath=      pre-configure
    31  SUBST_MESSAGE.hpath=    Fixing hardcoded paths.
    32  SUBST_FILES.hpath=      configure
    33  SUBST_SED.hpath=        -e 's|^\(INSTALL[        :]*=\).*|\1${INSTALL}|'
    34  SUBST_SED.hpath+=       -e 's|/usr/pkg|${PREFIX}|'

Which unfortunately edit the file, but the result is the
same, for ${PREFIX} was /usr/pkg in this case,

claims there is no change,
(Am I wrong ?)
Makoto Fujiwara
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