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Re: pkg_rolling-replace 'make clean' fails for "security/gpgme"

"John D. Baker" <> writes:

> Running pkg_rolling-replace to update "security/gpgme" fails when trying
> to 'make clean' after the update:

As always, when people have trouble with pkg_rr, I ask that they do the
steps manually, to separate "pkg_rr did wrong steps" from "some step
that should have been ok failed".

In this case I think it's going to security/gpgme and doing:
  make package
  make replace
  make clean

and seeing what happens.

> rm: /var/tmp/pkgsrc/security/gpgme/work/gpgme-1.13.1/tests/gpg: Directory not empty

This smells like some funky flags that prevent a file from being
deleted, or a -j race failure in clean.

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