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Re: databases/openldap-server bdb backend

Seems you are right, mdb is the preferred default.

- back-mdb is the "primary" storage database backend. This backend
manages directory objects in an embedded database and is more fully
featured than other backends. back-mdb is superior to the deprecated
back-hdb and back-bdb backends.
- back-bdb and back-hdb are deprecated backends based on BerkeleyDB.
They generally should no longer be used. A license change by Oracle
has removed compatibility for BDB 6 and later releases with OpenLDAP

It should be switched.

Le lun. 11 mai 2020 à 20:55, Sad Clouds <> a écrit :
> Hello, question about config options. By default openldap-server
> configures bdb backend. As per
> PKG_SUGGESTED_OPTIONS=          bdb inet6
> ### NOTE: that option is enabled, because the openldap server needs
> ###       to have local storage support to work as standalone.
> Can anyone explain what this comment means and why it needs bdb? As far
> as I understand bdb has been deprecated and mdb backend is now
> normally the default. Does this mean bdb can/should be removed from the
> suggested options?

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