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Re: Problem building firefox 75 on 9-stable (i386 and amd64)

Hej Chavdar,

Am 06.05.2020 um 23:20 schrieb Chavdar Ivanov <>:

On Wed, 6 May 2020 at 21:37, <> wrote:


maybe i did the wrong thing - updated pkgsrc, just to run into another problem.
Obviously firefox likes to use nss 3.51.1 but that's not a dependency.

DEBUG: configure:8411: checking for nss-config
DEBUG: configure:8446: checking for NSS - version >= 3.51.1
DEBUG: configure: error: you don't have NSS installed or your version is too old
ERROR: old-configure failed

The current version of nss is 3.52; you need it for firefox-76.0,
which is also the current version in pkgsrc.

Thanks for the comment.
I noticed that nss3.52 is in current pkgsrc - but i think it is still an error for firefox to depend on nss >=3.51.1 but not put that in the dependencies.  But I honestly do not have the slightest Idea where to put that dependency.
in there is
BUILDLINK_API_DEPENDS.nss+=     nss>=3.52
.include "../../devel/nss/“
But that obviously does not trigger the rebuild of an outdated nss.

I had nss-3.51 before; as a lot of packages depend on it, so I have
started pkg_rolling-replace.

So pkg_rolling-replace is the fix for broken Makefiles in pkgsrc?
While this helps in most cases, I really cannot believe this is the correct approach… 


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