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MesaLib: xcb/dri3.h not found

I'm running a bulk build on NetBSD-8.0-x86_64.

MesaLib fails with this error:

../src/gallium/auxiliary/vl/vl_winsys_dri3.c:32:22: fatal error:
xcb/dri3.h: No such file or directory

~/pkgsrc/graphics/MesaLib $ bmake show-all-x11
  usr   X11_TYPE=               native
  usr   X11BASE=                /usr/X11R7
  sys   X11_PKGSRCDIR.native=   ../../pkgtools/x11-links
  sys   BUILTIN_X11_TYPE.native= xorg
  sys   BUILTIN_X11_VERSION.native= 7.7

And indeed, /usr/X11R7/include/xcb only has dri2.h, but not dri3.h.

What is the proper way to fix this situation? I suppose changing
X11_TYPE=modular in the midst of a bulk build won't work as this affects
the dependencies of the packages.

I don't want to start the whole bulk build again.

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