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tor-browser: heads up, config directory moved


I've just simplified the use of tor-browser in pkgsrc.

You still need to start tor yourself, but tor-browser from pkgsrc will
now use the default tor port (9050). (It defaults to 9150 on other
operating systems where it comes with its own copy of tor.)

Also, I've moved the configuration directory from
"$HOME/TorBrowser-Data" to "$HOME/.tor-browser".

Please make sure to

      mv $HOME/TorBrowser-Data $HOME/.tor-browser

before starting tor-browser-9.0.9nb2.

This version now automatically installs the noscript extension. I
wanted to do the same for the https-everywhere one but it doesn't work
in the same way and I don't understand why. If you know about the
inner workings of tor-browser (or firefox), help is welcome:


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