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Re: Problems building pkgin on NetBSD 7/8

Mike Pumford <> writes:

> On 2020-01-21 19:26, Mike Pumford wrote:
>> This then built libfetch with the pkgsrc openssl and let pkgin find
>> it successfully. However without these options set a simple make
>> install in the pkgin directory won't work. What I can't figure out
>> is why this isn't showing up on bulk builds or other peoples 7.x and
>> 8.x systems Am I really the first to run into this? Or am I just
>> doing something unusual?
> Just thought of another question. Why is pkgsrc even deciding to
> include libfetch on 8.x as far as I can tell the system libfetch is
> the same version in 8.x & 9.x. The tags in CVS are certainly the same.

To answer these questions, look at the Makefile of pkgin which shows
libfetch's bl3, and then look at the in libfetch, and note
that it doesn't exist.   So there appears to be no support for using
system libfetch in packages.

Is that right?  Perhaps, perhaps not, but keep in mind that this part of
the code is tricky because of the desire to avoid circular dependencies
in the bootstrap/installation process.

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