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Re: How to define global options for pkgsrc package builds

Hi Greg,

On 12.01.20 17:19, Greg Troxel wrote:
Didn't mean to give you a hard time.  It's just that if the docs explain
things already, it seems better to give you a pointer than to try to
explain it again.  And if that doesn't answer your questions, please ask
again - if so, probably that means the docs need improving.

pkgsrc docs are in multiple places, which isn't necessarily a great
thing, so they are slightly harder to find than you might think....

don't worry - I took your hint kindly and my answer was serious and not offended. Today I tend to rely sometimes too much on Google and on the fact that I feed it with the right keywords. In my case, the keywords didn't fit, and I should have looked at at least once - the pkgsrc guide is well linked and I could have found the information there.

In this sense - everything is good and of course I will ask again next time if I do not find something myself :-)

Best wishes

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Wildparkring 13, 01458 Ottendorf-Okrilla | Tel.: +49 (0)35205 597 991

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