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Re: htpasswd (Steve Blinkhorn) writes:

> Well, it's 8.0_RC1 - there were urgent reasons why we needed to go
> live with an 8.0 that got aired in another mailing list.  It's a
> production server which we must upgrade at some point, but not in peak
> season.

Look in /usr/lib to see what's there.  I would be surprised at a
libarchive bump from RC1 to release.

But if you are running an RC and pkgsrc binaries don't work, then your
remaining safe approach is to just build packages from a checkout of
pkgsrc on that machine (or another one with identical bits).

(Also, when asking for help it is good to state all these things up
front.  Specifically, what verison of NetBSD, what version of pkgsrc,
and if using binary packages the URL.)

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