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Re: Does firefox 71 work stably for anyone on amd64 desktops?

On Fri, 20 Dec 2019, at 08:03:16 +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
> Last version I tried was 69 and was reasonably stable.
> Something forced an upgrade and firefox 71 is freezing / crashing
> fairly
> frequently.
> I remember, older versions also used to have these problems, but went
> away
> after I enabled oss and kept everything else related to audio
> disabled.
> This time there is no oss option. So enabled alsa and issues are
> recurring.

(I'm not quoting more of this thread, since the mix of top and bottom
posting makes it harder to follow. And I'm coming to it a bit late,
but, here are my two cents.)

I've found Firefox 70/71 works better for me on NetBSD 8.1 than it does
on newer NetBSD releases. On 8.1, I can watch streaming video (e.g.
free hockey games on, whereas with 9.99.x, same Firefox version
(and same user agent string), same stream, it doesn't work (it gives an
error saying the browser doesn't support the requirements for the video
player). This is with similar Intel graphics chips (though different
laptops). As I have it working on one laptop, it hasn't been a priority
to investigate further. (But now I'm faced with a choice of LibreOffice
not building vs. Firefox not working optimally, depending on the NetBSD



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