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Re: delete some pkgsrc-wip packages ?

On Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 3:20 PM Miwa Susumu <> wrote:
> I will delete these packages, are you sure?

In general, deleting is not a big deal in a repo like wip, which is
based on a modern VCS :) I would not worry too much.

> these packages, MAINTAINER is .
> I google package name, but I don't found website.
>   gcc6snapshot
>   gcc7snapshot
>   gcc8snapshot

These are old GCC snapshots. They can probably go.

> * directfb
> MASTER_SITES and HOMEPAGE are hijacked ?
> Do you know new site?
> May I delete directfb?

There is a github org and mirror at Last commit was in 2014, so it
seems fairly crufty at this point.

> * diveintopython
> MASTER_SITES and HOMEPAGE are domain expired.
> Do you know new site?
> May I delete diveintopython?

This is now "Dive into Python 3",


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