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Re: editors/emacs-snapshot

I've been using (and rebuilding often) wip/emacs-git (I presume that's
what you are talking about; there is no wip/emacs-snapshot) for a
while without any problems in my narrow use case. I only have to edit
the PLIST every time, as it seems different modules are being made
available or taken out with each iteration.

On Sat, 14 Dec 2019 at 12:19, Makoto Fujiwara <> wrote:
> editors/emacs-snapshot (emacs25) is broken now.
> May I replace it by wip/emacs-snapshot ? (27.0.50)
> Thank you,
> --
> Makoto Fujiwara
> Key fingerprint = 0BFA FAEB EAD1 90BA 7498  8F85 6809 9E0B B7EF A12E


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