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Re: Renaming wm/enlightenment to wm/enlightenment16

On Wed, 2019-12-11 at 09:43 -0500, Greg Troxel wrote:
> "David H. Gutteridge" <> writes:
> > I'd like to rename wm/enlightenment to wm/enlightenment16, and
> > wm/ethemes to wm/ethemes16, to distinguish them from
> > x11/enlightenment.
> > The former represents the "E16" branch of Enlightenment, which
> > continues to be maintained separately upstream (and which I'd like
> > to
> > keep in pkgsrc, since it has a smaller footprint than its
> > successors).
> > wm/enlightenment[16] and x11/enlightenment should be able to co-
> > exist
> > in the same installtion, if desired. I'll also reverify this. (Oh,
> > and
> > wm/ethemes[16] only works with the "E16" branch. The theme format
> > changed in incompatible ways with "E17".)
> > 
> > I don't imagine there would be any objections, but I know renaming
> > packages isn't done lightly, so I thought I'd ask.
> That seems sensible.  There is a pretty strong notion that when there
> are multiple versions that each PKGPATH should be versioned, and that
> we
> should not undo this for a long time, even if we end up with only one
> after a while.   Basically being slow to rename, and the notion that
> any
> package that needed two versions before may need two versions again,
> because it's a clue about upstream practices.
> In this case, I think this is a fork, not two versions from an
> upstream,
> and your 16 label on the fork seems likely to give the right
> impression.

There's effectively a fork (for all intents), but both versions under
continual development are under the auspices of the same group, just not
necessarily the same developers.

> I would expect that x11/enlightenment would be simply updated to 18.x
> when/if that is released, and there would be no need to keep 17
> around.

Yes, the upstream version of x11/enlightenment is now E23. That should
be updated separately at some point. (There's a newer version -- E22 --
in wip at present.)

I'll rename these (E16) packages soon, then. Thanks for your feedback!



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