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Re: perl5 work-directory references on netbsd-7

On Tue, 10 Sep 2019 23:17:33 +0200, Roland Illig wrote:
> I just tried an unprivileged build of lang/perl5 on NetBSD8/x86_64, and
> it correctly resolved sed to /usr/bin/sed.
> Does "make show-all" show anything suspicious?

Well, there is TOOLS_CMD.sed:

%  make show-all | grep sed
                                SED=/usr/bin/sed \
                                /usr/bin/sed \
                                /usr/bin/sed \
                                s,@TOOLS_SED@,/usr/bin/sed,g \
                                /usr/bin/sed \
                                /usr/bin/sed \
                                /usr/bin/sed \
                                sed \
                                sed \
                                sed \
                                sed \
                                sed:pkgsrc \
                                sed \
  sys   TOOLS_ALIASES.sed=      sed
  sys   TOOLS_ARGS.sed=         # empty
  sys   TOOLS_CMD.sed=          
  sys   TOOLS_DEPENDS.sed       # undefined
  sys   TOOLS_IGNORE.sed        # undefined
  sys   TOOLS_PATH.sed=         /usr/bin/sed
  sys   TOOLS_PLATFORM.sed=     /usr/bin/sed
  sys   TOOLS_SCRIPT.sed        # undefined
  sys   TOOLS_SCRIPT_DFLT.sed=  /usr/bin/sed  "$@"
  sys   TOOLS_VALUE_GNU.sed     # undefined

> Does "make debug" show anything suspicious?

%  make debug | fgrep sed
        #define LOC_SED         
"/var/obj/pkgsrc/lang/perl5/work/.tools/bin/sed"        /**/
        #define Timeval struct timeval  /* Structure used by 
gettimeofday() */
> Does the NetBSD 7 sed have any serious bugs that are detected by the
> Perl configure script?

Not that I know of... it has built every other version of perl for 
years... and why would it then pick 
"/var/obj/pkgsrc/lang/perl5/work/.tools/bin/sed" which points to the 
host sed(1)?


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