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Re: bzip 2 fails to build on IRIX 6.5

> /opt/local/gcc-8.2.0/bin/ld [...] -rpath /usr/pkg/lib
> -soname -set_version sgi1.0 [...]
> /opt/local/gcc-8.2.0/bin/ld: sgi1.0: No such file: No such file or directory

I can reproduce this with /usr/bin/ld from NetBSD 8, which is from
binutils 2.27. That version doesn't know the -set_version option,
therefore it parses the command line as:

    ld -s -e t_version sgi1.0

which, translated to long options, is:

    ld --strip-all --entry t_version sgi1.0

Having "t_version" as an entry address looks weird to me, and I would
have expected ld to complain that t_version is not a hexadecimal number.
But according to the ld(1) documentation[1], the entry address is
usually a symbolic name, so that's ok.

Now the question becomes: why does gcc8 think that ld can handle this


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