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Re: PKG_DESTDIR_SUPPORT=destdir problem?

On Sep 3,  1:07pm, Hauke Fath wrote:
} I just tried to build news/inn, and it errors out during packaging.
} The package has
} set, since it installs a swath of files with custom ownership and 
} permissions. After dumping all that into work/.destdir, it drops root 
} privilege, and then surprisingly is not able to package some of the files.
} Is this something the package needs to fix, or has the destdir support 
} bit-rotted?

     There are two steps.  The first is to go through the Makefiles
that come from upstream finding any place that sets permissions.
Make a note of them, then delete them.  The second is to add lines
like this to the package Makefile:

SPECIAL_PERMS+=         libexec/sendmail/sendmail ${REAL_ROOT_USER} smmsp 2555

Note that the path is where the file will be located at install
time.  The above line causes INSTALL/DEINSTALL scripts to be created
which will be executed by root at install time.  The above line
comes from mail/sendmail/Makefile and is a relatively simple example.
You can use comms/asterisk*/Makefile as a more complex example.

}-- End of excerpt from Hauke Fath

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