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couchdb and 9BETA

$ uname -a
NetBSD clement 9.0_BETA NetBSD 9.0_BETA (GENERIC) #0: Tue Jul 30 16:52:10 UTC 2019 amd64

I "pulled" the current branch of pkgsrc for my NetBSD 9.0_BETA install. Almost everything built properly, except mongodb-4 (that's over on another thread). Mongodb version 3 did build, but failed to start. When I tried to start it a got the following error:
ERROR: child process failed, exited with error number 51
It was some kind of WiredTiger error:
[thread1] Fatal Assertion 28558 at src/mongo/db/storage/wiredtiger/wiredtiger_util.cpp 365
I can include the full log file if anyone is interested.
I want to use a NoSQL db. After a little reading I thought I would try couchdb. However, when I tried to make install I got the following error:

==> configuring couchdb in rel/couchdb.config
You have configured Apache CouchDB, time to relax. Relax.
=> Modifying libtool scripts to use pkgsrc libtool
=> Modifying libtool scripts to use pkgsrc depcomp
===> Building for couchdb-2.1.1nb11
==> config (compile)
ERROR: OTP release 22 does not match required regex R16B03|R16B03-1|17|18|19|20|21
ERROR: compile failed while processing /usr/pkgsrc/databases/couchdb/work/apache-couchdb-2.1.1/src/config: rebar_abort
gmake: *** [Makefile:67: couch] Error 1
*** Error code 2

make[1]: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/databases/couchdb
*** Error code 1

make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/databases/couchdb

After much digging around I found the culprit in the patches directory. I updated couchdb/patches/patch-rebar.config.script and couchdb/patches/patch-src_snappy_rebar.config to include version 22 of erlang. I Here is the diffs of those files:

$ diff patch-rebar.config.script /usr/pkgsrc/databases/couchdb/patches/patch-rebar.config.script
< +    {require_otp_vsn, "R16B03|R16B03-1|17|18|19|20|21"},
> +    {require_otp_vsn, "R16B03|R16B03-1|17|18|19|20|21|22"},

$ diff patch-src_snappy_rebar.config /usr/pkgsrc/databases/couchdb/patches/patch-src_snappy_rebar.config
< +{require_otp_vsn, "R14|R15|R16|17|18|19|20|21"}.
> +{require_otp_vsn, "R14|R15|R16|17|18|19|20|21|22"}.

I then rebuilt the distinfo file and did the whole make makepatchsum thing. This allowed couchdb to be installed. I have not yet tried to "run it" as I am still in the learning phase. I can followup once I get things going.

Ron Georgia
“90% of my problems are due to ignorance, the other 10% is because I just don’t know any better.”

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