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Re: rust build requirements

nia <> writes:

> 14h seems excessive and there might be other factors involved.
> On a 4GB machine (~2010 era hardware, Core 2 Quad, DDR3), I can build
> rust in 2 hours and LLVM in one hour.

I have not adjusted any options; I'm intentionally staying on defaults.

The machine I quoted in more like 2006, two cores, MAKE_JOBS=1, and a
laptop.  So your 2h with trimmming options and my 14h without seem about
what I'd expect.

> For rust I have the rust-llvm option disabled in PKG_OPTIONS to avoid
> building LLVM twice, and /dev/random symlinked to /dev/urandom to avoid
> rustc sucking up all the entropy from reading from /dev/random whenever
> it spawns a process.

Should disabling rust-llvm be the default?  (I really have no idea.)

Perhaps we should patch rustc to use /dev/urandom.

> For LLVM I have the cross-compilation targets (except amdgpu) disabled
> in PKG_OPTIONS. Even if you plan to cross-compile with LLVM, you probably
> don't need all of them.

I wonder what should be default here.

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