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Bug in mk/plist/plist-info.awk


I found a bug in mk/plist/plist-info.awk, which I am hesitating to fix myself because I don't fully understand why the following reg-ex is written like it is.

It's the line 103:

    /^([^\/]*\/)*(info\/[^\/]+(\.info)?|[^\/]+\.info)$/ {

Because of this ? after (\.info) some unrelated lines like this one:


get (incorrectly) matched which results in them being skipped, while
when PLIST is processed by lang/python/plist-python.awk later.

I am not 100% if this ? was added by mistake, but it results in files like
one mentioned above being matched.

Not sure I understand why the cases




are matched separately.

So to me, the whole reg-ex should be written as:


But I might miss something.

Aleksej Lebedev

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