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Re: Can't quite figure out how to use logic from lang/python/plist-python.awk

Aleksej Lebedev <> writes:

> If I prefix ${PYSITELIB}/conans/test/unittests/model/info/
> (along with .pyc & .pyo) with ${PLIST.py2x} the first part of the
> warning above disappears.
> However, adding
> ${PLIST.py3x}${PYSITELIB}/conans/test/unittests/model/info/
> (I tried adding .pyc and .pyo enrties as well) to PLIST doesn't fix
> the second part.

There is that extra cache dir.

> I see that it works exactly as expected in devel/py-future/PLIST, but
> I can't figure
> what's wrong my PLIST.

There are two things: one is if the package installs the right files,
and second if the PLIST captures that list correctly.

> I am doing my best to trace where exactly it is going wrong, but maybe
> somebody more
> experienced can already spot the problem or direct me to how to debug
> this awk scripts easily?

The real question is why __pycache__ appears and if that's a rule in
py36, or odd in this package.  The next question is about adjusting
expectations to match python norms, if they are off.

It sounds like one of your packages is behaving as expected, and I would
expect most are or we'd be seeing this issue a lot.

So I would first try to understand why __pycache__ appears in the path
and if you think that is correct/normal or not.

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