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Re: spectrwm in pkgsrc-2018Q4 NetBSD

On 06/01/2019 13:36, Rhialto wrote:
On Sat 05 Jan 2019 at 22:09:35 +0000, Jaap Boender wrote:

This is the failure on NetBSD8 with pkgsrc-2018Q4 below.
My /etc/mk.conf is empty.
Without -lxcb-xinput it builds and also work well after installation.


I made that update, and it builds well for me on NetBSD-current/amd64 as
well, with modular xorg. Could it be a problem with that, potentially?

I suppose that is the difference. I tried whatever is in Q4, on -8.0,
with native X11, and for me it failed to link in the same way.
(I don't have an empty mk.conf).

Yup, it's that. For some reason, with native X11 (in this case NetBSD-current, aarch64, but I imagine it's the same everywhere), libxcb-xinput.* doesn't show up in the .buildlink directory.



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