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Re: ncdu package is outdated [new version:1.13, pkg version:1.12]

Hello Marko,

Marko Kaznovac writes:
> from the authors site there is new version of ncdu 1.13
> i've found
> and submitted report there 'pkg/53602'
> is there simpler method of flagging outdated packages?
> [like arch linux is doing]

pkgsrc/doc/TODO and pkgsrc/wip/TODO contain list of outdated packages
that needs to be updated (but also sending a PR about that it's

> what would be a procedure for me to create a 'pull request' and to
> which repository?
> the looks like a mirror

If the update is pretty trivial - e.g. just distinfo changes and
DISTNAME bump or similar - than using send-pr is probably the best
way (please note that attaching a patch and a candidate commit
message usually has much more chance that it will be quickly
applied!  :)). Otherwise, IMHO, it's better to use pkgsrc-wip where
it's okay to commit WIP work and ease reviews.  For more information
about pkgsrc-wip please give a look to: <>

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