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can you run geos regression tests on earmv7hf-el, or anything NOT x86?

This is a request to test geos on systems that are NOT x86.  If you have
pkgsrc set up to build from source, this will only take about 5 minutes
of brain time.

I am testing an update for the forthcoming geos 3.7.0 update, and got
a test failure on a RPI3 running NetBSD 8 (earmv7hf-el).

The tests are ok on most of NetBSD 7/8 i386/amd64.

There is a failure in CoordinateArraySequenceFactory on mac (with
clang), also seen on FreeBSD.   I am not trying to track that down in
this email.

The failure on RPI3, which happens in 3.6.2, was:

     : tests/xmltester/test-suite.log

  # TOTAL: 1
  # PASS:  0
  # SKIP:  0
  # XFAIL: 0
  # FAIL:  1
  # XPASS: 0
  # ERROR: 0

  .. contents:: :depth: 2

  FAIL: testrunner

  terminate called after throwing an instance of 'geos::util::IllegalArgumentException'
    what():  IllegalArgumentException: Exponent out of bounds
  [1]   Abort trap (core dumped) ./XMLTester -v -...

The tests are known to pass on Linux arm.  paranoia passes on my pi, and
the libc/libm atf tests.  So this bug could be in the hardware, gcc,
NetBSD, geos tests, or geos itself -- really anyplace.  I have not yet
dug into this with a debugger.

So, this is a request that if you have a platform which is not i386/x86
and a few minutes, that you do

$ cd /usr/pkgsrc/geography/geos
$ make test 2&>1 > OUT.test

and then look at OUT.test and

Please email me with OS/version/arch, and whether you get a clean pass,
the above error, or some other error.  Please atttach test-suite.log
only if it's some other error.


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