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Re: ddclient not starting

ssartor <> writes:

> The first line in the script is:
> #!@PERL5@ -w
> which is added to the  script by the patch-aa file in the pkgsrc version of ddclient.  The first couple of lines of the patch file are:

This is something that's supposed to be later substituted for where perl
really is.

In pkgsrc, /usr/pkg/bin/perl is the most typical value, but on most macs
PREFIX is set to /opt/pkg, so /opt/pkg/bin/perl would be right.  Or it
could be /home/lusr/pkg/bin/perl.

So @PERL5@ looks like it would be substituted by either configure (from
autoconf) at package configure time, if the upstream package looks for
perl, or by pkgsrc with something like REPLACE_PERL.

I am guessing that something has gone wrong in this process.

For now, just change the file to be "#!/usr/pkg/bin/perl -w".  Then,
figure out how the package build is supposed to work, what went wrong,
and how you should fix it, and send in the fix.

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