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configure: error: could not determine ar interface [NetBSD-8.0]

Hi all -

I am attempting to upgrade a fresh NetBSD-8.0 release to -current on CVS. Whether I am working in a pkg_comp sandbox or not, I get this error on many packages such as gtk3, upower, fam, polkit, orc, gmp, gmake, just to name a few. Another error given by the configure scripts is

> "ar: `u' is not meaningful with the `D' option."

which causes the build to fail. `ar -V` shows: "GNU ar (NetBSD Binutils nb1) 2.27"

I may have broken something while attempting to upgrade my system (NetBSD newbie here). So just to check, I bootstrapped a new /usr/pkg and tried again: the bootstrap completed but subsequent builds had the same issue.

Can this problem be resolved without wiping the machine and starting over?
Many thanks to all the kind work that you do.

Best regards,

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