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Re: texlive organization on netbsd

On Tue, Jun 12, 2018 at 08:14:56PM +0000, wrote:
> I 100% agree with you, I use the "language" package manager because I'm
> lazy and can't be bothered to package things just because I wanna use
> them, even though commits are faster for me.

More than lazy it's about being pragmatic.

Here are some quick stats:

nodejs : more than 350000 packages [1]

R      : over 10000 as of Jan17 and an exponential curve of growth [2]

python : 141772 projects, 993364 releases (releases matter for upkeep
effort) [3]

texlive : 6697 packages [4]

Let's face the reality: There is neither any need nor it's practicable to
keep mapping these to pkgsrc and maintain them.

Just criticizing the respective platform's package manager is not going to
achieve anything. Instead we can come forward to create alternatives or
contribute to make them better. We might as well adopt them till we
find/create an alternative (and we have rightly done so for some of them).
I guess, that is how most software evolves.


[4] tlmgr show | wc -l

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