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Re: Please help test new pkgin

On 08/06/2018 23:07, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

I've tested on macOS, Minix, and NetBSD/evbarm, as well as performing
a full-upgrade of around 1,100 packages from 2014Q4 to 2018Q1.  Would
love to know that I didn't break it on a bunch of other platforms too.

Just done a full-upgrade on a 7.1-STABLE amd64 system without problems. I just ran pkgin full-upgrade twice. First time updated using the old pkgin and the second time refreshed all the library packages.

So while not essential it might be nice if pkgin updated itself first (although I appreciate you can't make the old version do that ;) ).

This is possibly an RTFM question but is there a way to just upgrade pkgin and then upgrade everything else?


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