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texlive organization on netbsd

I usually use pdflatex and a number of latex packages from the texlive
binary distribution.

On most platforms (Linux, NetBSD on i386 and amd64) I deal with, I make a
minimal installation and then add packages as needed using "tlmgr" tool
that comes with the minimal installation. This gives me a very compact,
installation of 100-200MB as compared to full texlive which runs into

I am now trying to make similar setup on NetBSD on Raspberry Pi (armv7),
which is not supported by the binary distribution of texlive.

Following are some of the options:

1. Get texlive minimal sources and compile them to get more or less
similar setup as above.

2. Do the above, but do it systematically using pkgsrc wip.

3. Try existing pkgsrc wip packages. A bit confused here. There is
wip/texlive with version of 2007, there is wip/texlive2013, texlive-bin
etc. Not sure about how these are organized and will it be better to
extend any of these or create a new one.

4. There is print/texlive meta package in pkgsrc. It does not have DESCR
and I find it difficult to figure out what exactly it would install.

Would appreciate discussion, advice and help of any kind in giving a good,
sustainable implementation of texlive on NetBSD on various platforms.


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