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Re: Please help test new pkgin

On 06/08/18 17:07, Jonathan Perkin wrote:

This update includes the majority of the changes I wanted to get in
before the 2018Q2 branch.  As we're getting quite close to the freeze
point I'd love it if anyone is able to test it and provide feedback on
the changes (thanks to those who already have).

The major changes are:

  * Packages are now refreshed if their BUILD_DATE changes, ensuring
    rebuilt dependencies are correctly handled.

  * Upgrades are performed using "pkg_add -DU" rather than removing and
    reinstalling every package.  This should be faster and less

  * Output formatting changes to improve readability and correctly
    account for package numbers.

  * A lot of internal clean-ups and hopefully fixes to common issues
    (some of these are hard to reproduce, but at least "blah is not
    available in the repository" and "blah has an empty FILE_SIZE"
    failures should be a thing of the past.

I've tested on macOS, Minix, and NetBSD/evbarm, as well as performing
a full-upgrade of around 1,100 packages from 2014Q4 to 2018Q1.  Would
love to know that I didn't break it on a bunch of other platforms too.


Looking good so far.� Just refreshed everything on my NetBSD 7 box and it added a couple new deps in the process.

I was also reminded of a cosmetic issue I've noticed before:

netbsddev /usr/pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkgin # pkgin list|grep zlib
zlib-1.2.11��������� General purpose data compression library

netbsddev /usr/pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkgin # pkgin install zlib
calculating dependencies...done.
nothing to do.

netbsddev /usr/pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkgin # pkgin install boguspkg
calculating dependencies...done.
nothing to do.

It would be nice if the output would distinguish between a non-existent package and one that's already installed,
so I know *how* I screwed up.� ;-)


��� JB

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