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Re: Is wip/virtualbox stable; can it be pulled into pkgsrc?

Mayuresh <> writes:

> Noticed past threads that say wip/virtualbox is usable.

A report is useful.

> I am going to give it a try. But have a related question : What are the
> criteria for importing it into main pkgsrc and is there something that it
> lacks that holds back such movement?

The basic notion is that the package has to be finished and clean
enough, compared to what a developer would be willing to add.  So from
wip, not from wip, the real question is if it meets the quality
standards.  (pkgsrc-wip is explicitly a place where work towards a
package that is not yet finished is welcome, both to learn, and for
half-baked things)

Beyond that, wip has a notion that each package should have a TODO file
listing all the things that need to be done before it is ready.  So the
TODO file should be empty before promotion, but more importantly the
package should be such that the TODO file *ought* to be empty.

Certainly it has to be ok wtih pkglint and to build/package with
PKG_DEVELOPER=yes.  And generally to be free of "this is icky and ought
to be fixed".

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