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Re: Unable to build polkit

On Fri, May 11, 2018 at 11:33:13AM +0800, wrote:
> I'm currently unable to build polkit (0.113 in 2018Q1 and 0.114 in current)
> on NetBSD 7.1.2 without adding the following to the Makefile:
>   CONFIGURE_ARGS+=    --disable-man-pages
> The build fails with:
>   /opt/pkg/bin/xsltproc -nonet --stringparam man.base.url.for.relative.links
> /opt/pkg/share/gtk-doc/html/polkit-1/ --xinclude
>   pages/docbook.xsl polkit.xml
>   I/O error : Attempt to load network entity
>   warning: failed to load external entity
> "";
>   cannot parse
>   Makefile:647: recipe for target 'polkit.8' failed
> At first, I thought it was due to a network timeout, however, I have no
> issues manually fetching the XSL file (e.g., with curl or firefox). I've
> attempted many times to build the package, and it always fails at this
> point.

It should use the files provided by docbook-xsl (which it depends on)
instead of fetching stuff from the network. Perhaps your catalog is
broken? Try reinstalling docbook-xsl and/or xmlcatmgr.

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