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Re: Package options dialog

On May 6,  8:06am, Jason Bacon wrote:
} On 05/06/18 05:22, Mayuresh wrote:
} > On Sat, May 05, 2018 at 02:31:03PM -0500, Jason Bacon wrote:
} >> Has anyone looked into providing something like FreeBSD's dailog4ports for
} >> selecting package options?
} > Not too many would disagree in *nix world that interactivity for long
} > batch oriented jobs is not such a great idea.
} Which is why FreeBSD ports has "make -DBATCH".
} I would agree that the dialogs can get annoying and should not be 
} enabled by default, as they are in FreeBSD ports.
} People seem to be making assumptions about my intent instead of 
} clarifying, though.
} I'm not suggesting that we insert a mandatory dialog into every package 
} build, just offer an optional, user-friendly interface for controlling 
} options.
} I doesn't even have to be integrated into pkgsrc, but if it were, I 
} would only invoke it under a deliberate command like "make config".
} I'm trying to make the system more attractive to Joe Scientist. Many 
} researchers have very few or no IT staff and limited Unix skills. They 
} need the ability to install software by themselves and pkgsrc can be 
} enormously helpful, especially if we provide more user-friendly tools.

       I would suspect in this case, that user-friendly would mean
using pkgin or some other binary package manager and not building
packages at all.

}-- End of excerpt from Jason Bacon

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