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Re: Trying to get sendmail-8.15.1 from pkgsrc working on NetBSD-5, libresolv issues

	Hello.  Following up on this thread again, I've read Christos' and
John's  answers. Here are some additional questions that may clarify what
I'm trying to understand.

	Sendmail builds using libpthread  just fine under NetBSD-5,
NetBSD-5.2 if we're being precise, but when the executable is run one gets:
_res is not supported for multi-threaded programs.
In looking through the cvs logs for libresolv, libc and the various include
files, as well as looking at the current version of libpthread, which is
where this message comes from, it looks to me like sendmail stil won't run
under newer versions of netBSD.  Keep in mind that it builds fine and without
 errors, so a build test won't catch the problem.
	However, my question is, setting the issue of sendmail specifically
aside, what is the proper way to work around this  error?
I may be confused, but I think the problematic code is:
extern struct __res_state sm_res;

Can someone point me at an example of code that has the same functionality
but  doesn't run into this problem?

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