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Re: make clean vs find work dir and delete

On May 1,  1:23pm, Mayuresh wrote:
} If I wish to clean pkgsrc area, typically to conserve disk space, I run
} something like this.
} # find /usr/pkgsrc -type d -name work -exec rm -rf {} \;
} Instead if I do "make clean" in /usr/pkgsrc, which sounds more appropriate
} method, it takes much longer.
} I am curious what pkgsrc users would do for above scenario. Or is there
} any way to achieve the result faster.

     I do cd /usr/pkgsrc && rm -r */*/work .  That seems to be the
fastest way.  I suppose one could do something like set PKGOBJDIR(?)
to /usr/pkgobj then just do rm -r /usr/pkgobj.

}-- End of excerpt from Mayuresh

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