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graphics/gimp prefers base fontconfig to pkg and fails

pkgsrc build dependency check confirms the presence of required version:
=> Full dependency fontconfig>=2.13.0: found fontconfig-2.13.0nb1

But gimp configure script somehow prefers base x11 fontconfig and exits

Error: GIMP configuration failed.

  - Error: missing dependency fontconfig >= 2.12.4

Some relevant lines from config.log:

ld: warning:, needed by
/usr/pkgsrc/graphics/gimp/work/.buildlink/lib/, may
conflict with

Package 'fontconfig' has version '2.11.1', required version is '>= 2.12.4'

# ls  /usr/pkg/lib/libfontconfig.*

# ls /usr/X11R7/lib/libfontconfig*


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