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Re: Trying to get sendmail-8.15.1 from pkgsrc working on NetBSD-5, libresolv issues

In article <>,
Brian Buhrow  <> wrote:
>	Threading works fine under NetBSD-5, the problem is sendmail's use of
>the _res structure for DNS queries.

It should be fixed not to do that :-)

>	What's unclear to me, is if the problem is that while the comment says
>you don't need to arbitrarily link all programs against libpthread on
>NetBSD-5, you  do if they use thread_create or thread_destroy.  My first
>thought was to exclude NetBSD-5 from this requirement, but it occurs to me
>that you don't always know if a program uses thread_create or not.  
>On second thought, however, it looks like this stanza links all sources
>built under NetBSd, from NetBSD-3 forward, with libpthread unconditionally.
>Is that really the correct behavior?

It is not desirable, but this is how it works now.


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