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RE: NetBSD/amd64/7.1.1

Still no luck with 7.1.1 

root@TEST106-/home/rsass: pkgin up
processing remote summary
pkgin: Could not fetch

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Hi richard and bouyer.

I'm responsible for _currentold/_current. I wanted to fill a small
package-building gap*. I'm still inexperienced with the process and don't
have it streamlined and afraid to make costly mistakes.

My upload speed isn't good, so I waited to find out if someone says the
new packages are horribly wrong before deleting the old (and forgot to
delete it). I should do this now.

_current is older than 2018Q1 which AFAIK is on TNF machines so when
that is uploaded those packages will be newer and I will change the

It looks like someone messed up uploading 2018Q1 packages but still
changed the symlinks (maybe via a script). I've put them back to
directories that exist. Using 7.1.1 should work now.

Sorry for the temporary breakage.

* netbsd 7.1.1 was released with a major bump to an external library
(which was also a security fix) which meant that existing packages
for 7.1 did not work normally.
It felt urgent to have working packages for the latest release and I
have good hardware, I installed 7.1.1 on my desktop and made it just
build packages until the regular package building is sorted out, which
it is now.

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