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sysutils/xentools48 build failure


Using the latest ocaml-4.06 my build of sysutils/xentools48 (also
updated, together with all other ocaml packages I already had) fails
as follows:
gmake[7]: Entering directory
ocamldep *.mli > && mv -f .ocamldep.make
ocamlc -g -I ../mmap -w F -warn-error F -c -o xenctrl.cmi xenctrl.mli
ocamlc -g -I ../mmap -w F -warn-error F -c -o xenctrl.cmo
File "", line 268, characters 44-45:
Error: This expression has type bytes but an expression was expected of type
recipe for target 'xenctrl.cmo' failed
gmake[7]: *** [xenctrl.cmo] Error 2

(I tried replacing 'String' with 'Bytes', it failed further in the
dump invocation at line 309).

Chavdar Ivanov


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