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Re: Wpa_gui + dhcpcd-gtk = messed up fonts!

On 11/01/2018 11:28, Ottavio Caruso wrote:
On 11 January 2018 at 09:52, Roy Marples <> wrote:

On 09/01/2018 22:38, Ottavio Caruso wrote:

after almost 48 hours of compiling from sources, on my LMDE2 host, as
you can see from the linked image:

both wpa_gui + dhcpcd-gtk are not usable and the fonts are replaced by

Can anybody help? Where I could start troubleshooting?

That generally means that they can't find the font your theme requested.
Have you got all the X11 fonts installed?


I solved the issue by symlinking /usr/share/fonts (Debian native location ) to


Incidentally, I had to uninstall the pkgsrc version of dhcpcd because
I could not find a way to launch it at boot. So I installed the native
Debian package of dhcpcd and dhcpcd-gtk, and everything is fine now. I
managed to get rid of that scary monster of network-manager!

pkgsrc dhcpcd is kept up to date.
Debian one is getting pretty crusty these days.

To get it to launch at boot, just change the path in the init service file.


or maybe try the Debian alternatives system? I dunno.


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