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testing of PKGSRC_MKPIE?

We're starting to discuss enabling PKGSRC_MKPIE by default.

While some of the discussion is about documentation and the missing
package-settable variable to disable it, I'd like to understand how much
testing it's had.

If you have a netbsd-8 i386 or amd64 system (or some other system where
PKGSRC_MKPIE enables the PIE flags), and you are inclined, it would be
good to enable PKGSRC_MKPIE in mk.conf and rebuild your packages, and
see what happens.

Please post your experience, including roughly how many packages you
built, any that currently fail to build, and especially any that fail to

The default hypothesis is that few fail to build, and very few that
build fail to work as expected, but it would be nice to have some

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