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Re: 2017Q2 devel/libuv on Solaris 10 workaround

Hi Michel!

See pkg/52245. The problem (I guess) is, that distinguishing Solaris
10 and 11 in pkgsrc is not easy, both are labelled "SunOS", together
with all the surviving descendants of OpenSolaris.

Get used to have a bunch of local fixes on Solaris. You can apply
fixes like this locally, I keep track of them with RCS. If you need to
fix the sources of a package, define LOCALPATCHES in mk.conf and keep
your own patches there. Do report these changes back to pkgsrc,
sometimes (well, often :) they are used. But for cases like this you
will need local workarounds.


On Sat, Aug 5, 2017 at 3:26 PM, Michel Jansens <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I try to build packages around php5.6 on Solaris 10 with pkgsrc2017Q2.
> And stumbled on a problem where building devel/libuv ends up with a
> "ifaddrs.h not found” in src/unix/sunos.c:32
> And I finally found a fix for this:
> Just adding the following line to devel/libuv/Makefile :
> This corrects the compiling problem and allows to build quite a few
> unmissable packages ( for php, that is ): databases/mysql*-client
> databases/php-mysqli, database/php-pdo_mysql,php-tidy,…
> What do I need to do to have this included definitively in pksrc? and where
> to best put this compile time definition to make it clean?
> Thanks,
> Michel

Joern Clausen

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