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Cleaning up /usr/packages/All after massive package deletion

I've been trying to upgrade a NetBSD installation, packages, and now the trouble is not really knowing what all has been deleted, and what I still have.

Latest thing was to delete all the Xorg with the intent of rebuilding, since pkg_rolling-replace or "make update" would just be a fruitless mess.

Now the question is how to git rid of the orphans/ghosts remaining in /usr/packages/All, packages that still show in that directory even though they have been deinstalled/removed.

I tried "pkg_admin rebuild" and "pkg_admin rebuild-tree" but nothing good, I still have all the junk and can't tell what is still good.

This is on NetBSD 8.99.1 i386; I still have to do for 8.99.1 amd64 but not the same way, and will not try pkg_rolling-replace again.  Maybe mksandbox, maybe a new LOCALBASE, maybe copy or rsync to another partition.


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