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Re: Mysterious bulkbuild isue

On 05/24/17 11:08, J. Lewis Muir wrote:
On 05/23, Jason Bacon wrote:
Hoping someone has seen this symptom before and can point me in the
right direction.
I haven't seen that before.  Google found the following, though, in case
it gives a clue:



I found a workaround based on Makoto's comments in the thread above. It doesn't seem to matter what shell you launch pbulk from, but pbulk is sensitive to the user's default shell (root in this case). I had mine set to tcsh and after I switched to bash using chsh, everything worked fine.

There was nothing in my .cshrc except "alias dir ls -als", so the default tcsh env on El Capitan seems to break pbulk.

I was running with unprivileged_user=root in this case as a previous attempt to get around the issue. Going to test more using "nobody" and "pbulk" to understand this in better detail.

I haven't explored the pbulk scripts much yet, but I'm thinking this should be considered a bug and it should be oblivious to the user's shell env, except where env variables are meant to control pbulk by design.



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