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Re: misc/libreoffice - spreadsheet/calc has no scroll bars!

On Fri, 19 May 2017, wrote:

On Fri, May 19, 2017 at 02:21:12PM +0800, Paul Goyette wrote:
Well, I updated all my packages again (mostly to pick up resolutions to a
lot of security issues).  Everything seems to have gone well, except that I
have no scroll bars on my spreadsheets!  I can use the Page-Up and Page-Down
keys, without any issue, and I can use the Home key to return to column A.
But there's no scroll bar at all, neither vertical nor horizontal.

A previous update (a couple months ago) had altered the scroll-bar behavior,
changing Click-Below-Thumb action from Page-Down to Move-Here
(and similar change for Click-Above-Thumb), but at least I had a scroll bar.
Now it's totally gone.  :(

Has anyone else seen this?  Any clue as to which of the many library
dependencies would be responsibe for this?

I have libreoffice- and it works.
I think usually things like this are either missing gtk3 or icons.
Also you may have some gtk theme that is not good.

All packages are built locally, from yesterday's pkgsrc, and with mostly
default options.  Here's my /etc/mk.conf

    PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS=        -kerberos
    PKG_DEFAULT_OPTIONS+=       cups dbus inet6 introspection pulseaudio

    # Per-package options

    PKG_OPTIONS.dspam=          clamav syslog
    PKG_OPTIONS.dungeon=        dungeon-gdt
    PKG_OPTIONS.gs_type=        ghostscript-agpl       qemu
    PKG_OPTIONS.libreoffice=    java gtk3
    PKG_OPTIONS.hexchat=        gtk2 libproxy libsexy openssl xft2

I have no clue about "gtk theme" (and I shouldn't need one).

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