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Re: Is there a way to compile gcc48 in a Raspberry pi (armv7)?

On Wed, May 03, 2017 at 04:55:19PM -0300, Sérgio de Almeida Lenzi wrote:
> I am trying to compile gcc4.8 from pkgsrc in a raspberry pi 2 (NetBSD
> armv7.lenzicasa 7.99.71 NetBSD 7.99.71 (RPI2))
> I built the system without the security.pax but with or without it I am unable
> to build the gcc48 (I need the gfortran executable) to
> build fftw. the system builds several packages  as show... in pkg_info attach.
> but when I build the devel/libtool-fortran, it tries to compile gcc48, and so
> gfortran48, but it the build aborts core .. 
> the message is in the attach=abortmessage.txt
> Please note that it runs for a while and builds the Xgcc (phase 1 compile). but
> not the phase 2. If I modify the code,
> it aborts some lines after... 
> Another problem is when I try to build openjdk7 (on the same armv7hf)  when
> finishing the build after several hours, 
> it aborts and says that the VM cannot be initiated because of small stack.
> A _JAVA_OPTIONS=Xss12m, Xss4m Xss256m... none worked too, I need to build the
> openjdk7 to build the openjdk8 and than
> build mate (x11/mate)... 
> a systcl -a | grep pax result in just ONE line of: proc.curproc.paxflags = 0
> ANY ideas??? or someone can point me to a working gfortran  AND a openjdk8
> package???
> Thanks in advance,
> Sergio

I believe you are running out of RAM. it's using a _lot_ of it in one
stage. You can check dmesg which will say '(out of swap (killed))' or
osmething like that.
I've added a 2GB swap file to mine to get somewhere.
Unfortunately, even with that issue resolved, I'm unable to build any
pkgsrc GCC, with a similar death for ARM, POWERPC and MIPS - it's dying
on an undefined reference to soft float things in the generated
compiler. I don't know how netbsd GCC differs.

I'll give it another try.

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